360° National Public Policy Initiative


Under the direction and guidance of Axela EdVenture, the 360° National Public Policy Initiative delivers insight, perspective and activation of a customized marketing, public relations and public policy plan developed by students and faculty at America's leading colleges and universities.

The 360° National Public Policy Initiative in Action

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Phase I: Research and Public Policy Development A national case challenge will be implemented throughout America's colleges, universities and their communities to obtain research information and insights from key stakeholders and the general public regarding your perception, status, profile and issues. This nationally generated university research data will then be used to develop a customized roadmap of specific strategy recommendations necessary to achieve your public affairs and public policy objectives.

Phase II: Policy Campaign Execution Students will create a fact-based campaign based upon the research gleaned from Phase I. They will present the campaign idea to you for approval, and then, using a real budget, actually implement grassroots mobilization campaigns that generate awareness and support for your policy objectives. Lastly, they analyze their public policy strategies and tactics using a dashboard of metrics to evaluate effectiveness and results.

Integrated Coursework Students enrolled in for-credit courses at an accredited college or university will research and implement your communications and outreach strategies to generate public support on your behalf.

The Team

Axela, LLC (visit site) brings unparalleled experience in developing and implementing comprehensive legislative and policy-related campaigns to ensure the success of any legislative or government relations strategy. The Axela team has served at the highest levels of government, including U.S. Senate staff, Congressional committee staff, presidential appointees, and federal Executive Branch staff.

Since 1990, EdVenture Partners programs give companies, trade and professional associations, nonprofit organizations and governments an innovative way to communicate with and utilize tech-savvy university students and top-notch educators on over 1,000 campuses nationwide in solving clients' real problems through creative solutions and tangible results.

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