Most research indicates Gen Y is generally mistrustful of mass media and prefers to stumble upon a brand on their own time, terms and turf. They do not want to be told what to buy, believe in, or support. Instead, they use the Internet, peer-network and word of mouth to learn about things in order to formulate opinions about brands, products, services and organizations.

If you would like to try a different, yet effective approach in connecting with Gen Y, EdVenture Partners can help. We develop innovative industry-education partnerships by blending academic theory with practical, hands-on application, creating a "real-world" marketing and learning experience for students and educators. These partnerships challenge students to wrestle with and provide creative and targeted solutions for your business needs.

EdVenture Partners programs allow students, as part of a class or national student organization, to design strategies, and in some cases implement campaigns, for a real client that fit best with the client's needs in order to reach the college market, or other designated target audience.

Professors appreciate our hands-on approach in bringing real-world marketing experience to their students. Participation in an EdVenture Partners program helps students develop valuable skills, build their résumés and portfolios, and gives them an unprecedented way to learn how to fulfill real-world objectives for a real client.

EdVenture Partners has a variety of proprietary, student-focused marketing programs to meet almost any objective. A dedicated account team works hand-in-hand with clients and faculty to facilitate each one of our unique experiential programs. From research to full-scale marketing campaigns, consider which combination of programs work best for you:

Marketing Internship Program (MI)

Our flagship industry-education model provides direct, measurable results. Students, as part of a marketing/advertising class or a national student organization, create and implement results-oriented marketing and communication strategies for clients while using a real budget. Students will research the target audience, create an IMC plan, pitch strategies to their client for approval, implement their plan using an operational budget, as well as analyze their results and present their findings and recommendations to their client over the course of a semester or quarter.

The focus of an MI program is to create and implement an integrated marketing campaign targeting a specific audience on- or off-campus that provides direct, measurable results. Implementation can include promotional events, PR campaigns, social media, and traditional/non-traditional advertising tactics.

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National Case Study Competition Program

This program is universally appealing to a broad range of clients. Teams of up to five students, either within a classroom setting, national student organization or independently, engage to provide creative solutions that address a current strategic business challenge or situation of interest. Finalists selected by the client present their results in-person to client representatives at their headquarters and compete for cash awards and internship or job opportunities.

The focus of a National Case Study Competition is to creatively solve and address a key business challenge defined by the client by providing strategic analysis and applicable recommendations. Unlike our other programs that are implemented with selected campuses, a Case Study is an open invitation to maximize participation from a variety of nationwide universities. If you are looking for a wide range of ideas and maximum exposure with minimal program management, consider sponsoring a National Case Study Competition.

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Additional Programs

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