Teamwork is the Key to Success

Teamwork is the Key to Success 

As a Mets fan, I was inspired to write this post after their loss in the World Series as I noticed parallels between baseball games and our programs at EdVenture Partners (EVP). There are a few keys to success I want to cover as our teams are currently coming up on the implementation phase of the fall term.

Rely on the strength of ALL your members


First and foremost, teamwork is key. Identify the strengths of your members, and then use them to their fullest. Good leadership is a major part of this, as a good leader knows how to delegate to get the most out of every department to ensure everyone works together seamlessly. Working together to reach your goals has been proven effective each term with our programs; the top teams always seem to be the groups that work most like one cohesive unit instead of separate entities.

Don’t blow it in the 9th!

We have seen this many times from our programs; student teams are primed for success and they fall apart right at the end (much like my Mets). For our programs, teams are required to submit a creative brief outlining their plans. A lot of work goes into the preparation – making sure plans are not only on point with client objectives and target market, but are also feasible within time and budget constraints. Teams diligently prepare a brief, gain approval for their plans, receive their budget, and then seem to promptly run out of steam for implementation. Don’t let this happen to your team! Keep team morale and energy going. Start by setting small goals to keep everyone motivated until implementation really starts rolling.


Stick to your schedule


Going into the implementation phase with a pre-set schedule for all campaign logistics is the best way to ensure success. We recommend having each department within your student agency develop a detailed implementation plan. Assigning specific team members to all tasks – no matter how small – establishes ownership and keeps everyone moving forward instead of pointing fingers when the save is blown.

The better you get the harder you work

Once your campaign starts rolling during the implementation phase, it’s important to generate more and more momentum. Complacency is a killer. If you surpass your initial goals for success, do not sit back and relax thinking your campaign is over (and you’ve won the game) -- set new, higher goals before the hits start coming.

For all our current student participants about to start your campaign implementation - keep the above tips in mind to come out on top (and win the game)!

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